Brand experiences

Being on the ground engaging with your customers is crucial when building and demanding presence. Physical activations are a direct way to express your appreciation and story to your audience. We help conceptualize and execute brand events and experiences. Ranging from pop-up stores to trade shows, we’ll help position yourself in the best way possible through these activations.
Seeding programs
Now that we have helped you develop the product, it is now important to make sure it gets in the right people’s hand. This is where influencer gifting can benefit your rollout. Sometimes that alignment from the right person is all your brand needed. We will help curate a target list of micro, mid-tier, and macro influencers to push your brand. We will also handle the relations between the influencers and the gifts to ensure you get the right content and engagement.
Strategic Partnerships
Partnering with other brands in the same and different fields can be a great way to improve your brand’s exposure to new audiences, and to show the world that your brand has versatility. Using our mass network and connections in diverse fields, we will guide you in the right direction of what companies to partner with that will further your brand’s mission.
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