Apparel & Accessories

Nfuse your apparel & accessories.

Your customer is more than twice likely to form a positive impression of a brand that provides them with a promotional product versus one that shows them a digital ad. Our goal is to create another channel of content through the goods we produce.

Our Services

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Private Label/
White Label

From towels, underwear, water bottles, totes, to clothing that can hang at stores like Neimans…. we create products under your brands name for your brand.

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Help out where we can. Most of the products we make can be made out of recycled products. From recycled leather, to RPET plastic bottles, to banana and pineapple fibers.

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Promo, Gifted Purchase & Employee Gifts

Make a lasting impression to customers and emloyees while bringing your brand to life through wearable and usable products.

Turn any piece of merchandise into a talking point.

We infuse your brand’s ethos though our unique branding solutions including gift with purchase, private label and custom apparel, employee gifts and more that are designed to raise awareness, complement any marketing activity or make a splash all on its own.