Design on-brand apparel to expand the lifestyle of the AGS brand for events (trade and media) and influencer gifting opportunities.
Our goal was to capture the brand’s major differentiator such as using water directly from Mt. Shasta to help bring to life the AGS story as a California brand.

Each design was geared towards having a clear focus on each project while uniquely showcasing the brand front and center.
As a collaborative project with AGS and their partner SLAB, we developed designs around events like March Madness, Superbowl, and Coachella. The design utilizes a topographic view of the mountain to showcase the origins of the brand, while staying within guidelines.
The final designs reflected each events' colors, mood and setting, combined with AGS brand guidelines. For the black t-shirt, the aim was to leverage this in future events and gifting opportunities. The crew neck features colors inspired by the Superbowl champions, the Los Angeles Rams. Our team created custom pieces that pushed brand awareness, through a collaborative gifting moment.