Design custom by-products to build out the lifestyle and retail collection for the brand, which creates a new revenue stream and expands the brand’s positioning and awareness.
The goal was to build upon the existing cookware products. Initial concepts revolved around what the average chef would need to compliment their cooking such as aprons, trivets, hats, knife bags.

Another differentiated idea was to create comfortable apparel to act as a "post cooking outfit".
Our team broke designs up into three categories: Pre-Cooking, Cooking, Post-Cooking. For pre-cooking a knife bag, ice tray and custom scented hand cleanser. For cooking, a chef’s hat and apron. For post cooking, hoodies, sweats, crewnecks and shirts.
We built out the lifestyle collection for HexClad, while adding to their cookware line in the form of culinary products. Each piece featured functional components to enable chef’s to perform at a higher level. The designs we curated feature HexClad throughout, from the hexagonal rivet to the color schemes and style. This collection stays on brand while expanding their presence in the cooking space.