A look at how we expanded HEXCLAD’s product offering, improved visual identity, event production and influencer marketing. This case study showcases the cohesiveness of our process. From products and branding to events and experiences, we bring them all together to create a well integrated brand.
Additionally we developed several bags. The market bag is a large bag with over the shoulder straps and handheld straps, ideal for farmers market and grocery runs. The smaller tote bag is designed as an everyday essentials bag. The vegetable bag is cotton mesh bag with drawstrings, ideal for produce. The marinade bag is used for packaging and can be repurposed as a marinade bag.
HexClad being a cookware brand, we wanted to expand on that with products that chefs and food lovers would appreciate and uitilize.
Our first task was to build out by-products that are in line with their current product offering.
This solution reduces waste while leaning into the cookware brand’s product offerings.
We added instructions for cleaning and preparing marinades to be used.
Our solution for extending the lifetime of the packaging was to use a food safe plastic bag.
It can also be used to promote deals and offerings to specific apron holders.
We implemented a conversion chart and QR code on the inside that directs to featured recipes and the HEXCLAD website.
adjustable neck strap
custom hexagonal rivets
recycled leather trims
chest pocket with snap closure
towel loop
2 deep waist pockets
towel loop
chest pocket with snap closure
2 deep waist pockets
recycled leather trims
adjustable neck strap
custom hexagonal rivets
Grilling Hat: This hat follows the more typical, on-trend trucker hat. Designed for influencer and employee gifting, this hat is acts as more of a promotional item.
Chef Hat: A fully recycled nylon hat with mesh top and custom hexagonal build. This hat was designed for chefs working in the kitchen, creating a more fashionable, breathable alternative to the classic hair net.
Aprons were made with 100% recycled cotton canvas. The bags were made with 100% recyled plastic bottls, and the hats were made with 100% recycled nylon.
We provided use cases for each product based on their current offerings, price point, MSRP, etc. Use case include items for purchase, for influencer gifting, items as gift at purchase, and items used for their refurbished program.
As an additional selling point, we made all these products with sustainable materials.
After making the products, we helped with the product photography and launch strategy of each product.
We bring influencers to each event and experience that we produce to help with exposure, and create moments for press.
As part of each product launch, we gifted on brand influencers from our network products so we could capture content, gain exposure, as well as feedback. Our vast list of influencers has been curated over the years, allowing us to tap into a wide range of micro and macro influencers across several industries.
Influencer Dinners
The guests that attened this event, amass a total of over 100 million followers on Instagram and TikTok.
We had an exclusive dinner for influencers to become a part of the HEXCLAD brand. A private chef was brought in and performed a cooking demo for the attendees. Each guest was able to try the cookware, wear the HEXCLAD aprons and engage with the product and chef. This event resulted in several influencers signing a deal with HEXCLAD.
Each event has a clear goal, whether it’s outreach, conversion, brand positioning or partnerships
We’ve helped curate and produce events that are on brand and elevate the overall presence.
We’ve helped put together several brand partnerships for HEXCLAD, like Soho House, Los Angeles Angels, LAFC, etc.
Art Basel - HEXCLAD x Michelin Guide
We brought HEXCLAD and Michelin Guide together for a special culinary event at Art Basel Miami. We brought a ceramist, Marco Lorenzetto to make hand carved and painted plates for the event.
Michelin-starred restaurants: Artiete, Los Felix, and Musket Room provided food at the event. Special guests like David and Victoria Beckham, Brian Cox and more attended the event.
HEXCLAD x Soho House - Secret Sauce
We partnered HEXCLAD with Soho House to create a series of dinner events for members called Secret Sauce. An exlusive dinner experience that brings well known chefs to various Soho House locations, cooking with HEXCLAD cookware
This dinner series spans across mulitple Soho House locations like, Austin TX, Dumbo NY, Nashville TN, etc.