Create a line of functional products to give away as part of the launch of new SoCal stores.


Our initial ideas revolved around the perfect way for Whole Foods' customers to represent the brand. We determined that premium, sustainable hats with the brand logo, hybrid tote bag/backpacks and classic canvas totes were the best options.
Whole Foods Sketch hats


Whole Foods Sketch bags
Whole Foods Sketch bottle
We designed the backpack to feature a collaboration with Cinespia, and expanded the line to include water bottles that can be attached to the bag with a carabiner, to match the on-the-go SoCal lifestyle.


mock ups
Whole Foods tote bag
The final products consisted of a water bottle, backpack, hat, canvas tote bag and hybrid tote/backpack. The tote/backpack is made out of 100% recycled water bottles to support the brand’s sustainability efforts. The canvas tote bag has a unique print for the opening of a new location in Sherman Oaks. The backpack featured a smaller pouch to show off the co-branding with Cinespia, while keeping the main focus on Whole Foods.
Whole Foods bag
Whole Foods backpack
Whole Foods hats
Whole Foods tote bag white


final solution Whole Foods